About SP Insurance

SP Insurance is a professional financial advisory business based in Auckland, New Zealand, specialising in insurance.

What does SP mean?

Support & Protect


We work with 80% of the Insurance companies on the market of New Zealand. 




Multiple policies
all in SP CRM 

Different companies, with one Log-in and Password.

Why SP Insurance

With access to a wide range of insurance products and providers, we aim to help people make the right choices to protect themselves, their families and their businesses from the unplanned events that can have a financial impact on their lives.

The SP Insurance team is dedicated to providing a one-stop service, allowing our clients to have their insurance products all managed in one place.

  • We’ll help you find the insurance most appropriate for you, your family, and your business
  • Apply for all your insurances in one place – no need to shop around different insurers
  • Have all your insurances managed in one place
  • Seminars and workshops to help you learn more about each product
  • Get outstanding pre- and after-sales service at no extra cost
  • We work closely and speedily with clients to have claims processed so your claim can be settled quickly

At SP Insurance, we care about every customer and are available whenever you need us. Your insurance challenges are our challenges. We are with you all the way.

SP Charity

SP Charity is a faith-based non-profit organization that provided advancement of education on disease prevention, through collaboration with health organizations and educators providing education and support mechanisms to families with young children aged newborn to 6 years on healthy living including but not limited to being active and eating healthy nutritious food.