Total Permanent Disablement Insurance

If an income earner in your household was totally and permanently disabled and was unable to work for the rest of their life, you would expect the loss of their income to cause some serious financial pressure. TPD provides protection if you are permanently disabled through injury or illness and you are unlikely to ever be able to work again in your usual or any other occupation.

TPD insurance can help with the cost of ongoing personal care if you lose the ability to carry out certain daily self-care activities (e.g bathing, dressing, eating, toileting, walking unaided etc.), or it can even help with the cost of specialist equipment and/or building alterations.


Key Features of Total Permanent Disablement Insurance:

  • Total and Permanent Diablement Benefits
  • Any Occupation
  • Own Occupation
  • Special Events Increase
  • Future Insurability
  • Financial Advice/Planning

Total Permanent Disablement Insurance

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